About Us

Thank you for visiting us.

Computer programming has become the go to tool for a lot of professions nowadays and thousands if not millions of positions are open around the world waiting for people with the right skills to fill them and many more are looking to join the market. However acquiring those skills is not as easy and straightforward, especially if you don't have a Computer Science or Engineering background.

I've started this site after  seeing how difficult it is too find resources for studying for my programming interviews when interviewing with Amazon and Google.

The resources are out there, all a Google search away, however there is a lot of it and it is difficult to discern between quality content and click bait.

Coursera, Udacity and a plethora of other learning services provide great courses created by amazing people but not everybody can afford the prices some of these courses cost.

My goal with this site is to provide quality content, and make it affordable to anyone looking to improve their skills because you are looking to improve your life and find a job that involves programming or simply because you want to learn a new skill and put it to use somewhere in your life.